Hello Everybody Out There!!!

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This is my first blog post about my hacking-education journey, and I want to welcome you to my new learning project. My name is Elvis and I will be blogging over the next 12 months about how I will be “hacking” my own education. You will be asking yourselves why I’m using the verb ” to hack “ ? Well…by hacking, I just mean to create, to build and rebuild, to learn and to explore. So, in other words, I will create and build my own education.

What do I love to do ? or How will I “hack” my education?

Well…I decided to “hack” the only two things I’m really passionate about: Foreign languages and Programming languages. In fact, I’m not new to any of these fields. I speak Spanish, Italian, English, some German and some French, but this time I want to show off how I learn foreign languages and why I like doing it. I will blog about that throughout my journey.

Since I really love learning foreign languages, I decided to learn a completely new language for me: Russian!  I will share with you how I’m learning Russian, why I’m learning Russian and , of course, I will blog about my language learning process. 

What’s more, I will try to use as much as possible the languages I already speak to interact with you. So , even though my posts and my blog are written in English, feel free to leave me a message in Spanish, Italian, French or even German. I want to interact with you guys even if you don’t feel comfortable with English Smile

As for programming languages, it’s kind of difficult for me to remember how I got interested into programming. I just know that it’s something I really want to master and learn because I want to turn my ideas into something real, which can be applied into the real world.  I know the basics of Python and some HTML and CSS, but those are not the only programming languages I want to know. I want to create something related to language learning and some other things. And to do so, I will have to get my hands dirty Tongue Out

What will I learn exactly ?

  • Foreign languages : Russian.
  • Programming languages: Python, Ruby on Rails and Javascript.

What will I be using to accomplish my goals ? 

  • Foreign languages: Podcasts, talking to native speakers, making some posts in my target language ( I hope to do so Laughing).
  • Programming languages: MOOCs, tutorials, videos, and some websites. 

How will I keep track of my hacking-education journey? 

That’s the reason why I started this blog XD!  I started this blog because I want to share what I will learn along the way. I want to use this blog to keep me motivated and not to give up. I want to explain all the things I will learn along my hacking-education journey.

Therefore, I came across with some ideas of how I will keep track of my hacking-education journey:

  1. I will make a video with a Russian native speaker to show my Russian level at the end of my hacking-education journey.
  2. I will show you the small projects I will complete along the way such as some small applications, and exercises related to programming.
  3. I will “try” to create a simple website for one of my friends and put it online so that  you can see it. 

Those are the ideas I came across to keep track of my new learning journey. However, it’s possible that I may come across with new ideas to measure my hacking-education journey as I start digging more into this process.

Why am I doing this? 

That question is pretty hard, but at the same time, pretty easy to answer. I could say that I came to the realization that “formal education” doesn’t fit with me. However, it doesn’t mean that I will stop studying or learning forever. It just means that I really want to show that we can learn whatever we want if we are determined to do so!  I know a  great deal of things that I learnt at school or inside a formal institution, but that will not help me to live the world the way I wanna live it! As I start blogging about my experiences, failures, victories or whatever, I will tell you more about why I do belive that anyone can do this…

I know that this learning journey will be extremely hard because there are so many things out there I just don’t know anything about! My blog, for instance, needs more customization. But I will try to do as much as possible to improve it! Therefore, I will have to learn a great deal of blogging, websites, programming, etc. But that is what makes me feel excited. The desire of learning!!! That’s why I consider myself a “hacklearner” 

I hope you will follow my hacking-education journey, give me some feedback about the things I will blog about and , of course , help me to keep motivated :)


From my part I say Hello and Welcome to you!!!


P.S. I will try to blog at least 3 times a week.